We specialize in natural & organic foods from local suppliers as much as possible. Natural NW grass-fed beef & buffalo & lamb; chicken with no hormones; bacon & hot dogs with no nitrates or chemicals; local Chez Gourmet veggie patties. Dave’s Killer Bread & Montana Natural buns. Longbottom organic coffee & primarily local micro-brews & wines.

GLUTEN-FREE Items: chicken strips, fries & Jensen’s buns, plus several local gluten-free beers. Also lactose-free shakes.

We strive to serve you the best!

Thank you so much for your support of Cruise In Country Diner


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Served on Wheat Montana brand all-natural bun, select Multi-Grain or White.

OR option of Gluten-Free bun (Jensen’s or Udi’s) or Lettuce Wrap Add .95

ALL trimmings served on side: lettuce, tomato & pickle (ask for raw onion & mayo).

ADD cheese, grilled onions, jalapenos, guacamole, feta cheese, or sauerkraut Add .50 each

organic egg Add .95

Substitute: Buffalo or Lamb on any beef burger Add 2.50 (per patty)

Includes: Homemade Fries, or Spring Mix green salad, or German potato salad

FREE Refills of Fries . . .just ask servers

Dressing choices served on the side: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Thousand Island

Model T Burger


PLAIN 1/3 lb natural beef burger with only a bun & patty, NO trims

'55 Chevy Burger


Our delicious beef patty complete with all the trimmings

'57 Chevy Belair


Beef with Tillamook cheddar cheese & natural cured bacon

Super Charger Burger


Beef with lots of grilled onions piled on top

Mustang Burger


Beef with Swiss cheese & grilled fresh mushrooms on top

Cadillac Burger


Beef with bleu cheese crumbles & natural bacon on top

Corvair Cruiser Burger


Beef with ham & pineapple, & teriyaki on the side

Convertible Burger


‘No top’ (no bun) lettuce-wrapped beef patty (ask bottom bun)

Studebaker Burger


Beef topped with all natural pastrami & Swiss cheese

Hot Rod Burger


Beef topped with bacon, jalapenos, & pepperjack cheese

GTO Burger


Beef topped with roasted red pepper & local feta goat cheese

'40 Ford Chili Burger


Open-faced burger w/ lots of chili & cheese (ask for onions)

'63 Corvette Burger


Beef patties with 2 Tillamook cheddar, on a bigger wheat bun

Hemi Challenger


For BIG eaters, 3 patties beef + 3 cheese + 3 bacon, big wheat bun

T-Bird Chicken Burger


All-natural chicken breast, very tender

Teriyaki sauce available

Add Swiss cheese or pineapple ring: $0.50

Wild Ride Buffalo Burger


Delicious 1/3 lb. Montana grass fed, low fat & high protein

Barracuda Fish Burger


Flavorful 6 oz. filet of Mahi, wild caught & no breading

Buick Burger


Thick slice of natural turkey breast with guacamole & bacon

Harley HogĀ Sandwich


Natural pulled pork in tasty BBQ, served on bun (no trim)

Wiener Mobile


Natural & lean all beef Hot Dog, a big 1/4 lb wiener with no chemicals

Add Chili Cheese Dog: $2.99

Drag Strips


Very tasty gluten-free chicken strips . . . 4 strips & a side to fill you up

Li'l Nash Rambler


Whole grilled cheese sandwich on all-natural white bread

Add Bacon: $0.50

Add Tomato: $0.50

Mini-Cooper Kids meal


Choices: 1/2 beef burger or 1/2 hot dog or 1/2 grilled cheese or 2 gluten-free chicken strips.

Each served with fries or applesauce, and choice of beverage

** All children under 12 years old receive a FREE scoop of ice cream or sorbet, (with parental permission).

** Parties of 8 or more will please pay 18% or more gratuity/tip. Thank you!

Lamborghini Burger


Local organic lamb burger, grass fed. Tzatziki on the side

El Camino Veggie


3 varieties:
SW is tasty & spicy w/ peppers,
OR Harvest is garden veggies,
WOW is mushroom & mozzarella cheese

Edsel Sandwich


Pastrami, Swiss & sauerkraut on Rye swirl bread, with a side of thousand island dressing

Paddy Wagon


Our “patty melt”. Toasted rye swirl bread with flat beef patty, Swiss cheese & grilled onions.

Fries & Salads

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Homemade Fries

Local potatoes, hand cut daily, cooked in rice oil & sprinkled with Sea Salt

Small Order: $2.99

Large Order: $5.99

Add Garlic: $0.50

Add Chili Cheese on top: $2.99

Bowl of Chili


A touch of spice & really delicious, with cheese & crackers, optional onions.

Smaller appetite: just a cup of chili: $2.99

House Salad


Spring mix greens with cherry tomatoes & your choice dressing (on side)

High Octane Salad


Larger green salad & cherry tomatoes on top, (dressing on the side). With Beef patty or turkey

with Chicken Breast: $9.99

with Buffalo or Lamb: $10.49

with Fish (Mahi Mahi): $10.99

German Potato Salad


Served in a bowl.

Shakes & Fountain Drinks

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Handmade Shake


Alpenrose ice cream. vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, blackberry, peanut butter, banana, root beer, coffee (any 1-2 flavors)

Add Malt: $0.50

Add hazelnuts, Oreos, or 3rd flavor: $0.50

Lactose-free shake Add: $1.99

Root Beer Float


Crater Lake Root Beer & scoop of vanilla ice cream, yummy!

Special Tea


By the bottle, flavors

Bottled water




Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Iced Tea (sweet & unsweetened)

**Free refills of all soft drinks & coffees

Add Cherry or Vanilla: $0.50

Crater Lake Root Beer on tap: $2.00

Natural Fruit Smoothie


Mango & Strawberry & Peach flavors available

Coffee & Hot Tea


Longbottom Organic Coffee (regular & decaf)

Also special flavored coffee, ask for flavor.

Organic Two Leaves & a Bud Teas, available in many delicious flavors : $2.00


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Fruit Crisps & Pies


All natural ingredients from the Willamette Valley, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Fresh & delicious made with butter & all natural ingredients.

Ice Cream


One scoop Alpenrose vanilla

Add hot fudge or fruit topping: $0.50

Lactose Free Option: $0.50

Gluten-Free Dessert


Brownie warmed with ice cream & drizzle of chocolate.

Hot Fudge Sundae


Alpenrose vanilla ice cream & hot fudge or caramel

Fruit toppings available…ask your server

Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Sorbet


Several flavors available…ask your server.