We specialize in natural & organic foods from local suppliers as much as possible. Natural NW grass-fed beef & buffalo & lamb; chicken with no hormones; bacon & hot dogs with no nitrates or chemicals; local Chez Gourmet veggie patties. Dave’s Killer Bread & Montana Natural buns. Longbottom organic coffee & primarily local micro-brews & wines.

GLUTEN-FREE Items: chicken strips, fries & Jensen’s buns, plus several local gluten-free beers. Also lactose-free shakes.

We strive to serve you the best!

Thank you so much for your support of Cruise In Country Diner


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* Served with healthy Wheat or White Bun & your choice of side: Homemade Fries, or Spring Mix Green Salad, or German potato salad FREE Refills of Fries. . .just ask your server

Trimmings served on the side: lettuce, tomato & pickle (Ask for raw onion & mayo)

ADD Cheese, Guacamole, Grilled Onions, Jalapenos, or Sauerkraut Add $0.50 each

ADD Gluten-free bun, lettuce wrap, or organic Egg or goat cheese Add $0.95 each

Substitute on any burger: Buffalo or Lamb Add $2.50 (per patty)

Dressing choices served on the side: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Thousand Island

Model T Burger


PLAIN 1/3 lb natural beef burger with only a bun & patty, NO trims

'57 Chevy Belair


Beef with Tillamook cheddar cheese & natural cured bacon

Mustang Burger


with Swiss cheese & grilled fresh mushrooms on top

Corvair Cruiser Burger


Beef with ham & pineapple, & teriyaki on the side

Hot Rod Burger


Beef topped with bacon, jalapenos, & pepperjack cheese

'40 Ford Chili Burger


Open-faced burger w/ lots of chili & cheese (ask for onions)

Hemi Challenger


For BIG eaters, 3 patties beef + 3 cheese + 3 bacon, big wheat bun

Wild Ride Buffalo Burger


Delicious 1/3 lb. Montana grass fed, low fat & high protein

Barracuda Fish Burger


Flavorful 6 oz. filet of Mahi, wild caught & no breading

T-Bird Chicken Burger


All-natural chicken breast, very tender

Teriyaki sauce available

Add Swiss cheese or pineapple ring: $0.50

Harley HogĀ Sandwich


Natural pulled pork in tasty BBQ, served on bun (no trim)

Drag Strips


Very tasty gluten-free chicken strips . . . 4 strips & a side to fill you up

Mini-Cooper Kids meal


Choices: 1/2 beef burger or 1/2 hot dog or 1/2 grilled cheese or 2 gluten-free chicken strips.

Each served with fries or applesauce, and choice of beverage

** All children under 12 years old receive a FREE scoop of ice cream or sorbet, (with parental permission).

** Parties of 8 or more will please pay 18% or more gratuity/tip. Thank you!

'55 Chevy Burger


Our delicious beef patty complete with all the trimmings

Super Charger Burger


Beef with lots of grilled onions piled on top

Cadillac Burger


Beef with bleu cheese crumbles & natural bacon on top

Studebaker Burger


Beef topped with all natural pastrami & Swiss cheese

GTO Burger


Beef topped with roasted red pepper & local feta goat cheese

'63 Corvette Burger


Beef patties with 2 Tillamook cheddar, on a bigger wheat bun

Convertible Burger


‘No top’ (no bun) lettuce-wrapped beef patty (ask bottom bun)

Lamborghini Burger


Local organic lamb burger, grass fed. Tzatziki on the side

Buick Burger


Thick slice of natural turkey breast with guacamole & bacon

Ranchero Veggie Burger


Outstanding varieties: SW, Oregon Harvest, WOW

SW is tasty & spicy w/ peppers, OR Harvest is garden veggies, and WOW is mushroom & mozzarella cheese

Wiener Mobile


Natural & lean all beef Hot Dog, a big 1/4 lb wiener with no chemicals

Add Chili Cheese Dog: $2.00

'l Nash Rambler


Whole grilled cheese sandwich on all-natural white bread

Add Bacon: $0.50

Add Tomato: $0.50

Fries & Salads

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Homemade Fries

Local potatoes, hand cut daily, cooked in rice oil & sprinkled with Sea Salt

Small Order: $2.50

Large Order: $5.00

Add Garlic: $0.50

Add Chili Cheese on top: $2.00

Bowl of Chili


A touch of spice & really delicious, with cheese & crackers, optional onions.

Smaller appetite: just a cup of chili: $2.49

House Salad


Spring mix greens with cherry tomatoes & your choice dressing (on side)

High Octane Salad


Larger salad with cherry tomatoes on top, with Beef patty.

With a tender Chicken Breast: $8.99

With Fish (Mahi) or Buffalo or Lamb : $9.99

German Potato Salad


Served in a bowl.

Shakes & Fountain Drinks

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Handmade Shake


Alpenrose ice cream. vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, blackberry, peanut butter, banana, root beer, coffee (any 1-2 flavors)

Add Malt: $0.50

Add hazelnuts, Oreos, or 3rd flavor: $0.50

Lactose-free shake Add: $1.49

Root Beer Float


Crater Lake Root Beer & scoop of vanilla ice cream, yummy!

Special Tea


By the bottle, flavors

Bottled water




Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Iced Tea (sweet & unsweetened)

**Free refills of all soft drinks & coffees

Add Cherry or Vanilla: $0.50

Crater Lake Root Beer on tap: $2.00

Natural Fruit Smoothie


Mango & Strawberry & Peach flavors available

Coffee & Hot Tea


Longbottom Organic Coffee (regular & decaf)

Also special flavored coffee, ask for flavor.

Organic Two Leaves & a Bud Teas, available in many delicious flavors : $1.50


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Fruit Crisps & Pies


All natural ingredients from the Willamette Valley, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Fresh & delicious made with butter & all natural ingredients.

Ice Cream


One scoop Alpenrose vanilla

Add hot fudge or fruit topping: $0.50

Gluten-Free Dessert


Brownie warmed with ice cream & drizzle of chocolate.

Hot Fudge Sundae


Alpenrose vanilla ice cream & hot fudge or caramel

Fruit toppings available…ask your server

Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Sorbet


Several flavors available…ask your server.